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Haenep Life Sciences will focus on the extraction and production of medical-grade CBD/THC oil, and the formulation, bottling, labeling and packaging of a primary product line of CBD products. From the outset, resources will also be allocated and expended for research and development. We will aggressively pursue the identification and testing of natural-occurring botanicals that can add substantive and additional heath / medical benefits from the standpoint of fusing or combining such botanicals with CBD to create new, proprietary CBD product lines that are tested, provable, and can claim true formulaic uniqueness. Using only the highest quality of raw, harvested hemp, our extraction process will deliver the purest and equally high-quality CBD distillate and a primary CBD product-line for sale to top CBD product manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Haenep certification licenses allows individual to market is patented CBD/THC medical grade extracts and patented delivery systems.

Certification Class covers:

COA training
CBD training
THC trainng
Merchant services for the CBD/THC industry.
Field experience from farm to table cbd/thc process.
White label product training
CBD/THC advertising training
CBD/THC vending machine training
Med7 Medical training (Utah Class)
Exclusive Haenep Distributor license
Industry Updates
Zsuite Merchant Services